Welcome to our new hub!

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Welcome to Our Community Hub!

Welcome to our brand-new community website! We're thrilled to have you here and can't wait to share all the exciting features and content we've created for you. Our goal is to foster a vibrant, engaging, and supportive online space for everyone in our city. Here's what you can expect from our site:

City News

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings around town. Our City News section is your go-to source for everything from local government updates and community events to human interest stories and breaking news. We aim to keep you informed about the issues and events that matter most to our community. Whether it's a new park opening, a local business story, or important city council decisions, you’ll find it here.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? Our Savings section is designed to help you save money while supporting local businesses. We partner with local shops, restaurants, and service providers to bring you fantastic offers and exclusive deals. Think of it as a digital coupon book, but better! Check back often to find new ways to save and discover great local businesses.

Talk (or argue)

Ready to dive into some spirited discussions? Our Argue section is the perfect place for you. Here, we post controversial opinion pieces and hot topics that invite debate and discussion. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and healthy conversations. Whether you’re passionate about politics, social issues, or cultural debates, this is the place to share your views and engage with others in thoughtful dialogue.

Feel-Good News

In a world full of challenges, our Feel-Good News section is here to brighten your day. We highlight positive stories, acts of kindness, community heroes, and uplifting events that remind us of the good all around us. If you need a dose of inspiration or a reason to smile, this is the section for you.

Submit Your Story

We also believe that everyone has a story to tell. That's why we invite you to contribute! Whether you have news to share, a deal to offer, a viewpoint to debate, or a feel-good story to tell, we want to hear from you. Submissions can be anonymous, and you can include media like photos or videos if you'd like. Your voice matters, and this platform is for you. Email your story (big or small) to calgary.mobi@gmail.com

Thank you for joining our community. We’re excited to grow together, share stories, and make a positive impact in our city. Happy browsing, and we look forward to your contributions!