Calgary on the Brink: Water Restrictions to Be Lifted and 16th Avenue Reopens

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Calgary’s Water Restrictions Nearing End as 16th Avenue Prepares to Reopen

In a promising update for Calgary residents, the city is on the brink of lifting water restrictions following extensive repairs to a critical water main. The recent rupture in Bowness had triggered widespread mandatory and voluntary water-saving measures, affecting a significant portion of Calgary’s water system. Now, after weeks of intensive repair work, officials are optimistic about restoring normalcy to water use across the city.

Mayor Jyoti Gondek expressed cautious optimism, stating, “We are very close to being able to lift some of those measures we asked you to practice to save water inside your homes, but we’re not quite there yet.” The repair efforts have focused on stabilizing the water system, with critical testing and flushing of the newly installed pipes underway.

Progress in Pipe Repairs

The repair process involved replacing a crucial 4.5-kilometer stretch of damaged pipe, a task that required meticulous planning and execution. Engineers have been actively pumping millions of liters of water through the new infrastructure, preparing it for rigorous testing to ensure its stability and reliability.

Francois Bouchart, the city’s investment director, emphasized the importance of these tests before easing outdoor water restrictions. “Our top priority is to stabilize indoor water-saving measures. Once we are confident in the system’s resilience, we will address outdoor usage, which currently remains restricted,” he explained.

Road to Reopening: 16th Avenue

Alongside progress in water infrastructure, Calgary is also celebrating the imminent reopening of 16th Avenue in Bowness. This major commuter route has been closed since the water main incident, causing significant disruptions. Mayor Gondek announced, “We’re pleased to announce that 16th Avenue will reopen for traffic in both directions starting Friday. Although the new pavement may be a bit uneven initially, it’s safe for travel.”

Community Impact and Future Outlook

Despite these positive developments, certain city-operated recreational facilities, such as swimming pools and ice rinks, remain closed indefinitely. Officials have not provided a specific timeline for their reopening, underscoring ongoing challenges despite progress in infrastructure repair.

Looking Ahead

As Calgary prepares to resume normal water usage and traffic flow on 16th Avenue, residents are encouraged to stay updated on further developments. The city’s commitment to restoring full service while ensuring the safety and reliability of its infrastructure remains paramount.

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