Navigating Calgary's Shifting Housing Market: Affordability Challenges and Insights

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Navigating Calgary's Changing Housing Affordability Landscape

In recent updates from, a leading online mortgage brokerage, Calgary's housing affordability has once again taken a hit. This decline, noted across 11 out of 13 major Canadian cities, underscores the challenges faced by prospective homebuyers in the region.

The Rising Cost of Homeownership

The average home price in Calgary surged to $587,100 recently, reflecting a significant increase of $6,200 within a single month. Penelope Graham, a mortgage expert at, expressed her concern, describing the jump as substantial. Affording a home in Calgary now demands a household income of approximately $120,000, marking an increase of over $1,000 from the previous month.

Calgary vs. Other Major Cities

Despite these escalating costs, Calgary remains relatively more affordable compared to Vancouver and Toronto, two cities notorious for their steep housing prices. Graham highlighted this relative advantage, noting that Calgary continues to offer a better affordability ratio, although the gap is rapidly narrowing.

Regional Contrasts: Calgary vs. Edmonton

For those exploring options within Alberta, the contrast between Calgary and Edmonton is stark. Edmonton, just a drive up Highway 2, reports an average home price nearing $393,000, up by approximately $4,200 from the previous month. This disparity reinforces Calgary's position as a comparatively affordable urban housing market within the province.

Factors Driving Affordability Challenges

Several factors contribute to the evolving affordability landscape in Calgary. Economic growth, demographic shifts, and local market dynamics all influence housing prices and accessibility. As Calgary experiences economic expansion and attracts new residents, demand for housing intensifies, propelling prices upward and challenging affordability metrics.

Implications for Prospective Homebuyers

For prospective homebuyers in Calgary, these developments necessitate careful financial planning and consideration. The need for a higher household income to afford a home underscores the evolving nature of the city's real estate market. As prices rise, the gap between income and housing costs continues to narrow, posing significant challenges for entry into the housing market.

Looking Ahead: Market Trends and Predictions

Looking forward, analysts and industry experts predict continued volatility in Calgary's housing market. Factors such as interest rate changes, economic policies, and global economic trends will likely influence future affordability. Monitoring these trends and staying informed about market conditions will be crucial for anyone considering homeownership in Calgary.

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