Spreading Smiles: Calgary Dental Clinic’s Free Dental Day Inspires Community

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Calgary Dental Clinic Offers Free Services

Picture this: it’s the crack of dawn on a Saturday, June 15th, and the staff at Le Family Dental in Calgary roll up to their clinic. They’re greeted by an impressive sight – over 100 people already lined up, eagerly waiting for the clinic’s very first Free Dental Day. This event wasn’t just a one-off; it was part of Neighbour Day, an annual celebration that has been lighting up Calgary since 2013.

A Heartfelt Initiative

Dr. Linh Le, the driving force behind this family-run clinic, shared that giving back to the community is a core value deeply ingrained by her father. Dr. Le and her siblings wanted to offer something tangible to their neighbors, and what better way than through the gift of a healthy smile? The event wasn’t just about free dental work; it was about spreading kindness and encouraging others to do the same.

A Day Full of Smiles and Entertainment

The atmosphere at the clinic was buzzing. Live entertainment kept the crowd lively and engaged, making the wait a bit more enjoyable. Due to the high turnout, many folks were given numbers and asked to return later, ensuring that everyone had a chance to benefit from the services offered.

The diversity of attendees was striking. There were university students, families, and individuals who, in these challenging financial times, simply couldn’t afford dental care out of their own pockets. The event aimed to provide relief and a sense of community support to those in need.

Community Effort

Pulling off such an event required a significant amount of help. Over 20 volunteers, including dentists, hygienists, EMS workers, and nurses, dedicated their time and expertise to make Free Dental Day a success. It wasn’t just about the dental care – it was a collaborative community effort. Even the supplies used were donated by the clinic’s generous vendors, highlighting a wonderful network of support behind the scenes.

Making a Difference

Dr. Le had a bigger vision beyond just treating dental issues. She hoped this initiative would spark a ripple effect of generosity and selflessness throughout the community. By showing what’s possible when people come together, she aimed to inspire others to contribute in their own ways.

A Closer Look at Naveen Day

The event coverage and the storytelling behind it can be credited to Naveen Day, a seasoned professional in broadcast and production. With a career spanning nearly 30 years, Naveen has worn many hats. Before making his way to Alberta, he was the Senior Producer for two popular factual entertainment shows in Winnipeg. His diverse experience includes producing and supervising at one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing churches, where he managed a production team of 75 volunteers.

Naveen joined Bridge City News in 2018 and has since been a jack-of-all-trades: Producer, Editor, Production Coordinator, Backup Anchor, Interview Host, and Video Journalist. His commitment to storytelling took him to Ottawa in February 2022, where he provided in-depth coverage of the Freedom Convoy – an event he considers a pivotal moment in Canadian history.

His dedication and skill have not gone unnoticed. Naveen is a two-time recipient of the Communicator Awards. In 2023, he received the Excellence Award for his piece on Alberta's disability workers, and in 2024, he was honored again for a story titled "New Smile, New Life."

Join the Conversation

The success of Free Dental Day at Le Family Dental is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together. From the early hours of the morning to the last patient treated, the event was a beacon of hope and generosity in Calgary.

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