Building Bridges: How Calgary's Ogden Underpass is Paving the Way for the Future

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Transforming Calgary: The Ogden Underpass Project

In Calgary's bustling Ogden neighborhood, a transformative infrastructure project is quietly reshaping the landscape. The Ogden underpass, slated to replace the soon-to-be-closed level rail crossing at 69th Avenue southeast, is not just about creating a new route. It's a pivotal piece in the puzzle that will facilitate smoother traffic flow and accommodate the future Green Line LRT.

The Complex Coordination

The project, managed by Colin Stang, involves intricate coordination with Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) to ensure minimal disruption to their operations. With up to 20 trains passing through daily, the challenge lies not only in building a new bridge over 78th Avenue but also in temporarily diverting the CPKC line onto newly constructed tracks.

Building the Temporary Embankment

"We had to build a temporary embankment right beside their main line," explained Stang, highlighting the technical complexities involved. Once the trains were safely rerouted, crews began excavating the original embankment to make way for 78th Avenue. A sturdy concrete wall now supports the temporary embankment, while support piles are being driven in for the upcoming rail bridge.

Strategic Timing and Collaboration

Darshpreet Bhatti, CEO of the Green Line, emphasized the project's strategic timing. By completing the underpass before Green Line construction begins, the risk of delays and complications is significantly reduced. "Working in a live rail corridor requires meticulous planning and execution," Bhatti noted, underscoring the collaboration between contractors and CPKC to ensure operational continuity.

Funding and Future Expansions

Funding for the project, exceeding $50 million, is borne by the Green Line budget, with additional costs anticipated for future expansions. City councillor Gian-Carlo Carra acknowledged the project's origins in a mutually beneficial agreement struck years ago. "The Green Line's integration with CPKC's right of way paved the way for this underpass," Carra remarked, reflecting on the city's commitment to infrastructure development.

CPKC's Perspective

CPKC, in a statement, expressed satisfaction with the arrangement, emphasizing the project's seamless integration with their ongoing operations. The completion timeline aims for the CPKC bridge by year-end, with underpass construction expected to conclude by summer 2025.

Looking Ahead

As Calgary prepares for formal Green Line construction later this year, the Ogden underpass stands as a testament to strategic urban planning and collaborative development efforts. It's not just about building roads and bridges—it's about building connections, enhancing mobility, and laying the groundwork for future growth.