Calgary CTrain Tragedy: Roads Reopen After Fatal Incident

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 🚨 Tragic incident this morning as a person was struck and killed by a CTrain near Whitehorn Station in #Calgary, #Alberta. Roads and transit routes are now reopening, but expect some delays. Stay safe, everyone. #YYC #CalgaryTransit #BreakingNews

Tragedy Strikes: CTrain Incident in NE Calgary

In a somber turn of events this Friday morning, tragedy struck near Whitehorn Station in northeast Calgary. Authorities reported that a person was fatally struck by a CTrain, prompting immediate responses from emergency services and causing significant disruptions to local traffic.

Incident Details and Response

The incident occurred shortly before 9:30 a.m., according to Calgary police reports. Little information has been disclosed regarding the victim or the circumstances surrounding the incident, as investigations are still underway in the early stages.

Calgary Transit swiftly responded to the situation, initially treating it as a medical emergency affecting passenger services between Whitehorn and McKnight Stations. However, the severity of the incident escalated, leading transit officials to reclassify it as a police matter.

Traffic and Transit Disruptions

Emergency services quickly mobilized to the scene at 36 Street and 44 Avenue NE, resulting in temporary closures along the affected routes. Northbound traffic on 36 Street was diverted at Whitefield Road NE, while southbound traffic faced closures at McKnight Boulevard NE. These closures remained in effect until approximately 12:30 p.m., causing significant delays and reroutes for commuters in the area.

Return to Normalcy

By midday, Calgary Transit announced the reopening of the affected transit routes, including resumption of CTrain services extending to Saddletowne. Despite the resumption, delays persisted due to the earlier incident, prompting commuters to adjust their travel plans accordingly.

Community Response

The incident drew widespread attention and concern from the local community, with many expressing condolences for the victim and their loved ones. Residents also voiced appreciation for the swift response of emergency services and transit authorities in managing the situation and restoring normalcy to affected areas.

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