Calgary Opens All Outdoor Pools Amid Ongoing Water Supply Recovery Efforts

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 🌞🚿 Despite ongoing water supply restoration efforts, all outdoor pools in #Calgary are now open! Cool off and enjoy the summer safely! Remember, Stage 3 water restrictions are still in place. Stay hydrated and mindful! 🌊🌴 #YYC #CalgaryAlberta #StayCool #SummerFun

All Outdoor Pools in Calgary Now Open Despite Ongoing Water Restoration Efforts

As Calgary faces scorching temperatures amidst ongoing water supply restoration efforts following a major pipe rupture on June 5, the city has announced a significant easing of restrictions: all outdoor pools are now allowed to operate. Despite remaining under Stage 3 outdoor water restrictions, this move aims to provide relief to residents seeking respite from the heat.

Stage 3 Restrictions and Water Restoration Progress

Calgary continues to grapple with the aftermath of a catastrophic feeder main break that severely impacted its water supply. Initially under Stage 4 restrictions, the city has gradually eased to Stage 3, allowing for limited water use including hand-watering gardens and certain business uses. The recent decision to permit all outdoor public pools comes as a welcome development amidst the summer heatwave, although spray parks and other facilities remain restricted.

City's Efforts and Safety Considerations

Francois Bouchart, from the city's infrastructure services department, emphasized the decision's focus on public health and safety. "This exemption is aimed at providing Calgarians with more opportunities to stay cool during this challenging weather," he stated during a recent update. Acknowledging increased water usage due to soaring temperatures, city officials assured that despite the strains on the system, current capacities can meet ongoing demands under Stage 3 restrictions.

Challenges and System Performance

Despite signs of improvement with the feeder main operating at 55% capacity and gradual pressure increases, recent detections of wire snaps along the main have raised concerns. City reports indicate these are near previously identified weak spots, providing crucial insights into the pipe's operational limits. While not signaling an imminent major break, these developments underscore ongoing challenges in maintaining water stability amidst heightened demand.

Managing Demand and Future Outlook

With temperatures reaching up to 34°C, water usage has surged, peaking at 555 million litres on recent days. Anticipating further increases, officials are vigilant in managing demand to prevent strains on the system. "Our priority is sustaining current stability and avoiding setbacks akin to early June," Bouchart emphasized. This cautious approach underscores the city's commitment to ensuring sustained water availability while gradually lifting restrictions as conditions permit.

Looking Ahead

As Calgarians adapt to these evolving circumstances, the city remains focused on restoring full water service while balancing community needs and environmental concerns. Each step, from monitoring system performance to adjusting restrictions, reflects a strategic effort to safeguard public health and infrastructure integrity.


As Calgary navigates through these challenging times, the decision to allow all outdoor pools serves as a testament to resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. While uncertainties persist, the city's ongoing efforts and community support remain pivotal in overcoming current challenges and preparing for a more sustainable future.