Calgary's Water System: Crews Work Diligently to Restore Stability

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Calgary Progresses in Water System Restoration Efforts

Calgary, AB – In a significant stride towards normalcy, crews are diligently working to stabilize Calgary’s water system following a recent major feeder line break. Mayor Jyoti Gondek provided updates on Sunday, highlighting the commencement of stabilization efforts aimed at fully restoring the city’s water service.

"This includes adjusting the rest of the water network back to regular service, as we’ve been running mainly from the Glenmore Treatment Plant," Gondek informed during a Monday morning briefing.

The stabilization phase marks a critical juncture in the restoration process, involving careful adjustments to ensure seamless integration of the feeder main with the broader water network. Mayor Gondek emphasized the cautious approach necessary during this phase, citing potential risks of additional breaks or service disruptions if the system is overstressed.

"We're proceeding cautiously and slowly to avoid any unforeseen issues. Rushing could lead to leaks or worse," Gondek cautioned.

Recent water quality tests conducted by Alberta Health Services have shown promising results, exceeding established safety standards and paving the way for advancing to the final stages of stabilization. Despite initial concerns, reports of cloudiness in tap water observed by some residents, particularly in the Parkdale area, were reassured as temporary and not indicative of compromised water safety.

Throughout Sunday, Calgarians demonstrated conscientious water usage, setting a record low consumption rate of 425 million litres amidst ongoing conservation efforts urged by city officials.

Looking forward, Mayor Gondek is scheduled to provide further updates at 2 p.m. MDT on Monday, with live coverage available on

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