Legal Twist: Crown Stays Charge in High-Profile Calgary Bar Owner Case

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Former Calgary Bar Owner Sees Sexual Assault Charge Stayed

In a recent development in Calgary, Grant Lee Cichacki, a former bar owner, faced a pivotal legal moment as the Crown chose to stay a sexual assault charge against him. This decision marks a significant turn in a case that has garnered considerable attention since Cichacki's initial charges in October 2023.

The Allegations and Legal Proceedings

The allegations stem from an incident in December 2022, where Cichacki was accused of assaulting an employee after a social function in downtown Calgary. Police reports suggested that the employee was taken to a residence against her will and allegedly subjected to non-consensual sexual acts while unconscious. These accusations prompted legal action, leading to a trial that began with high stakes and intense scrutiny.

Crown's Decision to Stay Proceedings

On the second day of the trial, Crown prosecutor Tara Wells surprised many by opting not to pursue a conviction, instead choosing to stay the proceedings. This decision came after careful consideration of the evidence presented and reflects the Crown's assessment that a conviction might not be viable in this particular case.

"It's exemplary conduct by the Crown to weigh the evidence before we get into real argument, and to say that this is not a case where the Crown would be seeking a conviction," remarked defence counsel Alain Hepner in an interview with CBC News. He further expressed Cichacki's relief at the outcome of this phase of the legal proceedings.

Continued Legal Challenges

Despite the Crown's decision regarding this charge, Cichacki still faces a daunting legal battle ahead. He is slated to stand trial for six other sexual assault charges, with proceedings scheduled to commence in March 2025. This upcoming trial will likely be closely monitored, given the gravity of the allegations and the public interest surrounding the case.

Reaction and Impact

The development has sparked varied reactions within the community and among legal experts. Some view the Crown's decision as a prudent move in the pursuit of justice, emphasizing the importance of thorough deliberation in such sensitive cases. Others, however, express concern over the implications of staying a charge, particularly in cases involving allegations of sexual assault.

Looking Ahead

As the legal saga unfolds, the spotlight remains firmly on Grant Lee Cichacki and the forthcoming trials that will determine his legal fate. The outcome of these proceedings is expected to have far-reaching implications, not only for those directly involved but also for broader discussions surrounding justice, accountability, and the handling of sexual assault cases within the legal system.


The decision to stay the sexual assault charge against Grant Lee Cichacki marks a critical juncture in a case that continues to captivate public interest. With further legal proceedings on the horizon, the coming months promise to bring additional clarity and resolution to this complex and contentious matter.

With inputs from Meghan Grant, this story underscores the complexities and challenges inherent in navigating the intersections of law, justice, and public perception.